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Philipp Plein goes omnichannel with the Retail Pro platform

Monaco of Bavaria
35 stores in 13 countries
Retail Pro; B2C e-commerce; Omnichannel Business Intelligence module; ERP
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In the modern technological atmosphere, global retail takes on a hybrid form.

Brands that have traditionally restricted consumer access to their prestige with limited physical locations in key affluent markets are entering the democratized digital market. Pure-play e-commerce retailers are capitalizing on the experiential benefits of brick and mortar.

Hybrid operations create new challenges for retailers as they strive to accomplish operational excellence. These new challenges require new combinations of retail tools and applications that can connect and collaborate to create the particular customer experience a retailer is after.

Platform retail management technology like Retail Pro is fast becoming the foundation for the mosaic of operational models and processes like:

  • Complex combinations of corporate stores, store-in-stores and franchises
  • Customer and employee management across local and global physical locations
  • Integrated inventory and operations management across digital and physical channels
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Luxury retailer Philipp Plein sought to build out their global omnichannel strategy and chose the Retail Pro platform to connect data between their physical and digital operations, and leverage it for smarter, holistic analysis and decision making across the enterprise.

Find out how Philipp Plein is going omnichannel in the case study below, adapted from the Italian original by Retail Pro Business Partner Venistar.

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The PHILIPP PLEIN brand was established in 1998 in Monaco of Bavaria (Germany), and made its name in luxury with their unique design of furniture and home accessories. In 2004, the brand expanded its metallic tastes into fashion clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

2009 Christened Philipp Plein as a true brick and mortar retailer with the brand’s first flagship store, opened in Monte Carlo, and its first showroom in Milan. Philipp Plein boutiques are true to the brand’s hard-core streak: décor includes black and white stone, chrome steel, exotic leather jackets, huge chandelier in Murano glass, and a giant skull encrusted with CRYSTALLIZED ™ - Swarovski Elements.

By the end of 2014, Philipp Plein dazzled shoppers with over 40 stores throughout the world in key shopping meccas like Milan, Paris, Dusseldorf, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Hong Kong, Seoul and Dubai.


As they expand their physical presence and solidify their digital impact across the globe, the company found itself in need of a retail solution that would:

  • Integrate data between partner applications, suppliers and customers

  • Support their multi-channel business needs (retail, wholesale/franchise, and e-commerce).

  • Enable advanced management and automation of their basic processes

  • Allow for the evolution of their corporate structure in the mid to long-term

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Philipp Plein worked with the Retail Pro Business Partner Venistar to implement an integrated multi-channel platform consisting of the following tools:

  • Retail Pro as a POS solution for stores
  • B2C e-commerce
  • Omnichannel Business Intelligence module from Venistar (FAR BI)
  • ERP

Retail Pro will be installed in 35 stores in 13 countries – Armenia, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Switzerland, USA – in addition to stores scheduled to open before the year’s end.

The high complexity of their strategy necessitated collaboration between various parties, including 7 other Retail Pro Business Partners, suppliers of ERP systems and EDI services.

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With their new integrated solution, Philipp Plein has laid the foundation for achieving the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in TCO and infrastructure management costs
  • Simplicity and efficiency with integrated applications
  • Flexibility in providing cross-channel experience for both customers and employees


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