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Victorinox Trusts its Operations to Retail Pro

“Victorinox has chosen Retail Pro due to the worldwide availability and support as well as the many languages it comes with. The features meet all the requirements, ensuring that planned future expansions can be realized.”

- Matthias Schmidig, Global Manager, Retail IT Competence Center

In 1884, the cutler and entrepreneur Karl Elsener opened a cutler’s business in Ibach-Schwyz, which is in Central Switzerland. In the course of its 125-year history, it developed into a global company producing well-known Swiss Army knives, cutlery, timepieces, travel gear, fragrances and clothing.
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Entrance to Victorinox store viewed on at an angle on a posh street at night

Making growth easier

In the years past, Victorinox had a single flagship store, with their product line enjoying high visibility through other retailers. The retail expansion starting in 2008 required a system that ensured a consistent worldwide brand appearance. With goals set on high-quality experience for both customers and team members, Victorinox looked to Retail Pro to make their expansion a success.

Diverse selection of outfits display on mannequins in a retail store window

Parts of the whole

To deliver on the brand promise, Victorinox needed POS systems to centralize the operations and ensure pricing transparency, supply chain visibility and guarantee the consistency of product availability worldwide. A retail CRM system was needed to maintain customer relationships and support Victorinox brand’s guarantee of reliable service and innovation at the helm of the quest for customer satisfaction.

Several miscellaneous items such as knives for sale displayed on a wall

Central Control

Retail Pro and Victorinox designed a 3 tier structure, organizing data on the company, country, and then store consolidation server levels. Company and country servers were then virtualized and located in the Victorinox headquarters. This structure met the requirement of centralized management and made it possible to achieve the absolute transparency of operations while allowing individual stores to maintain their autonomy. Centrally managed systems with consistent software and hardware also guaranteed that support can be effective and timely, regardless of the geography.

Lots of Victorinox items on display in a well-lit room with a wooden island with more items on it in the center

A solution that looks ahead

Matthias Schmidig, the global manager at the Retail IT Competence Center at Victorinox, shared that Retail Pro was chosen based on the worldwide availability, as well as the many languages it comes with. The comprehensive feature set met all the requirements and most importantly, ensured that planned future expansions can be realized with ease.

Victorinox’ plans for growth are evident, and rest assured, their Retail Pro solution will grow right along with them.


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