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Be Fit

Be Fit Optimizes Retail with Retail Pro® & SAP Business One®

"We launched New Be Fit locations in Honduras and Costa Rica on the integrated Retail Pro® and SAP Business One® solution, improving visibility and control. Managing all of our locations across regions has been easier and more effective."

- Diego Raubusch, Regional Operations Manager

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Be Fit, a Salvadoran company founded in 2010, operates by the successful concept of making physical training centers accessib le to all those who want a healthy life.

Be Fit fitness centers have high-quality machinery and facilities, as well as training programs designed by qualified professionals for all ages and physical needs. The philosophy of a better life through physical exercise, a friendly atmosphere, and unparalleled customer service has allowed Be Fit to expand quickly in Central America, including Costa Rica and Honduras markets. Customers have come to love and adopt its motto, Be Fit, Be Happy, and the concept has become a valuable tool for those who want a full lifestyle with health and physical well-being.

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With five location across El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras, each Fitness Center receives a considerable amount of visitors a day, making efficiency of their operating systems critical.


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In 2014, Be Fit started an expansion project in their region. To successfully do this, Be Fit needed to integrate, simplify and streamline systems to facilitate growth and have real control of the operation.

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The ERP management software Be Fit used was unable to automate business processes. At best, this functionality was in the development stage and required additional investment.



Optimize retail processes with complete automation and integration, eliminating the need for manual intervention


Provide retail visibility for management with integrated back office and point of sale software


Streamline technology by operating a single user-friendly solution at all locations


SAP Business One + Retail Pro = Winning

Be Fit adopted Retail Pro, streamlining IT management by using the same platform for each location. At the point of sale, the tailored workflow in Retail Pro allows staff to easily capture key information when customers check in. Leveraging Retail Pro at each location enables Be Fit to offer better service to its customers.

Be Fit integrated the Retail Pro and SAP Business One technologies to gain complete visibility into their operations. The solution empowers Be Fit to derive insights into what is effective and what can be optimized. Be Fit uses these insights to increase efficiency and control over process - so they can continue to expand across Central America.

Future Plans

Be Fit is about to begin operations in Nicaragua with Retail Pro and SAP Business One, under the support of their Business Partner, Grupo EJJE.

To capitalize on the marketing potential of retail customer data captured at the Retail Pro POS, Be Fit is also considering the integration of SAP CRM to generate new opportunities and provide excellent service.

Optimize your retail with Retail Pro® & SAP Business One®


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