26-27 APRIL 2023 | OLYMPIA, LONDON | STAND #6B18

Rebuild customer relationships

Improve your relationships with customers with smoother operations and personalized service tailored to their individual needs and shopping habits
Serve customers more effectively with operational efficiency and flexibility to use your whole business to its full extent – merging inventory visibility across store, branches and channels
Gain visibility, and in turn insight to their desires: track responses to promotions, price points that capitalize on value, and pinpoint trends across the business
Improve the personal connection by staying in touch using your choice of marketing tools that best help your business, and reducing the strain that comes with human error

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Streamline for operational efficiency and better experiences

Connect all your retail technologies to the Retail Pro Prism platform to get accurate operational insight to help you streamline across stores and regions and better serve your customers.
  • Reduce friction in purchase experiences with the ability to see current or potential bottlenecks
  • Identify areas where automated functions can increase efficiency and reduce human error
  • Strategize and uncover alternative options or ways to re-direct a process
  • Determine customer-facing associate strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain clarity on areas for improvement and staff’s best place in your company
  • Set parameters for inventory functions on a store-by-store basis
  • Automate replenishment and distribute inventory to needed locations with allocation tools
"Integration between Retail Pro Prism and our ecommerce platform enables us to ensure inventory updates and smooth order flow across the organization. With Retail Pro, it is easy to keep track of inventory and display online whether an item is out of stock or ready to be picked up, resulting in less frazzled associates and happier customers."
Pawan Dangol | Area Manager

Grow your presence internationally with ease with Retail Pro

Retailers learned a lot during COVID about what works for your customers. Apply these insights to grow your presence across borders and make it easier for customers to shop with you whereve they are.
Gain total performance visibility across stores, channels and subsidiaries
Leverage Retail Pro resources like region-specific fiscalizations and localizations and local technological professionals with regional expertise
Spot trends from a wider perspective with the whole data picture in one unified view
"As you grow, you need clear visibility on all parts of the business and we want to ensure we’re not letting down one side of the business at the expense of the other – to be successful we have to develop the online and oline experience simultaneously, which we’re trying to do. We are hopeful and confident that Retail Pro will be able to support us on this journey

Discover flexibility to rebuild operations & relationships with Retail Pro

"Using Retail Pro Prism, we have been able to improve inventory accuracy and visibility across locations, provide retail outlets with price change information automatically, centrally design and manage complexed promotion schemes, and better manage operational data for store management to streamline store openings.”
Vo Thi Phi Phuong | ACFC
250 Stores

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