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Oakley and Retail Pro®: Recognizing, Anticipating, and Fulfilling Needs

Foothill Ranch, California
250 stores in 8 countries
Retail Pro Prism, Retail Pro 9
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Cross-Partner team
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The following is a transcript of a Retail Pro Global Conference interview with Oakley Retail BSA Scott Smith:

Why did you choose Retail Pro for your retail management needs?

At the time, we were just looking for a simple solution for our 1 store so we could just export sales data and import it into our SAP system. Who knew it would grow into what it is today.

Where does Retail Pro have the largest impact in Oakley today?

In the store as our in store POS solution. I mean, this is a customer facing solution. It is VERY important to Oakley that we represent our brand with a solution that works.

Cool Oakley Shades
Do you think that your usage of the product has changed over time?

Most definitely. Starting with just our POS, growing into receiving with ASN’s, store to store transfers, etc.

How has the flexibility of Retail Pro assisted you in your implementation strategy globally?

I honestly can’t tell you how many customizations we have had over the years. We are currently working on a large one right now. It says something about Retail Pro that it worked for us at 1 store, and is still working for us at 250.

How is your strategy impacted by the global economic climate?

I wish I could say we have not been impacted, but we have. Instead of opening as many stores as possible, we are taking this opportunity to fine tune our stores. When we are ready, we can hit the ground running again.

Inside Oakley's lavish store
How has our Business Partner network enabled you in your expansion?

Without a doubt this is another jewel of Retail Pro International. You cannot overstate the importance to the operations of our stores of being able to rely on the Business Partners in other countries that know the laws and language.

Really, there is not a week that goes by that our business does not come up with yet another idea. Then I have to figure out how to make it work in Retail Pro. Retail Pro is very adaptable, and I think that is its true genius. Instead of having to turn this big aircraft carrier around, it feels more like a speed boat. Having said that though, that speed boat is very powerful in its own right.

Oakley is in the process of a major upgrade. Can you give us some insight on what approach worked best to tackle this process?

You have to have your hardware up to date. You can’t run this powerful engine on hardware that won’t support it. If you try to do it, it might work, but you will never have the performance you want. Making sure everything is standardized across the company as much as possible is essential as well.

Oakley HQ Concrete Building view from outside
What would you have done differently in hindsight?

When we went from 8 to 9, we had to get it out there ASAP so our hardware was not what it should be. Now, we are getting everything upgraded first. We have seen a much better performance.

What about changes in trends in retail?

The trend is that your customer is now more knowledgeable than the person selling the product in many cases because of the ease of online research. We don’t really experience that because our employees are experts in our product. BUT, we have also started to focus on omnichannel solutions with relations between our stores and online experience.

What technology evolution plans are in place and why?

We are going big into omnichannel this year. Mobility is there for ease of employees, but we feel you have to have options, not just one or the other.

Oakley goggles
What customer experience is the goal for your brand story?

We want a seamless experience between online and in-store. We want the customer to feel the technology in our stores no matter if it is our eyewear, apparel, or stores systems to be top of the line.


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