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Saleem Fabrics

Retail Pro Prism has helped us achieve better stock accuracy, timely restocking, reduced financial errors, and increased ROI.

- Mr. Musa, Chief Operating Officer

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How Saleem Fabrics uses Retail Pro Prism to improve their customer experience and operational efficiency

Saleem Fabric's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Musa, shares how Saleem Fabrics is building scalable operations from the start with Retail Pro Prism for more efficient operations to improve customer loyalty and grow revenue

Tell us about Saleem Fabrics.

Saleem Fabrics is a Pakistan-based chain of fashion clothes outlets offering exclusive varieties of pure & fancy fabrics for men and women with multiple retail stores across Pakistan. Established in 1978, the retailer has been providing top-notch imported fabrics, the best designer suits, and an incredible shawl collection nationwide. With the devotion and mindset of continuous provision of supreme-quality fabrics and unmatched customer satisfaction, Saleem Fabrics has become the largest retail network of women and menswear in Pakistan.

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For what specific business challenges did you choose Retail Pro?

Saleem Fabrics runs multiple stores across the country and it was difficult for us to manage inventory manually across locations and have centralized control over our operations. Due to manual inventory counting and restocking, it was very difficult to timely replenish stock to boost sales and get optimum ROI. We were facing issues while auditing their stock because extra discounts during sales was not being tracked.

It was difficult for the company to keep all the financials and operations transparent and efficient due to the manual system in place. Retail Pro Prism solved all these challenges for us.

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What business challenges are you solving with the software today?

Some improvements we’ve seen after Retail Pro include increased stock accuracy, timely restocking, reduced financial errors, and increased ROI.

With the help of Retail Pro Prism, inventory management became efficient and data transparency increased, helping us generate more accurate reports. Based on this operational efficiency and data transparency, policy making for the future became easier and more accurate for the brand.

Retail Pro Prism gave Saleem Fabrics tools for better inventory and store management.

To empower our business to get the most out of Retail Pro Prism’s capabilities, our Authorized Retail Pro Business Partner, System Plus, trained the whole operational team on Retail Pro Prism’s functionality, features, and customization process.

Saleem Fabrics was managing inventory & sales manually, which was a nightmare because we had to do it across multiple stores. System Plus successfully deployed Retail Pro Prism to our stores with custom software plugins for our specific operational needs and made it possible for us to automate our inventory management process completely, increasing our operational efficiency and sales.

A key challenge that System Plus worked on with us was to localize the international standard software to meet Saleem Fabrics’ custom requirements in our special domain.

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What role does your Retail Pro play in your customer engagement strategy?

With integrated data visibility in Retail Pro and loyalty cards, we can create customer loyalty packages & offers for better customer experience.

Retailers are striving to unify commerce. What does that mean for your company? What are you doing to unify commerce?

Integration with ecommerce platform and Retail Pro enables us to ensure inventory updates and smooth order flow across the organization. All Retail Pro services were integrated across all store locations. In addition, we integrated firm stores and inventories with renowned BI tools and e-commerce services.

Has your Retail Pro been specially configured or customized for your business needs? What challenges or needs were these customizations designed to address? Please describe.

System Plus helped integrate the required custom plugins to support brand-wise store management with Retail Pro Prism. An important step with this was supporting the regional business customizations, which required custom plugin development to carry out integration with FBR Service to push sales data directly in the FBR system for taxation issues.

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"Saleem Fabrics runs multiple stores across the country. Due to manual inventory counting and restocking, it was very difficult to timely replenish stock to boost sales and get optimum ROI. Retail Pro Prism solved all these challenges for us."

Saleem Fabrics

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