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Petticoat Lane

How Petticoat Lane Leverages Retail Pro® to #StopRetailChaos and Increase Amazon Sales

In today's shifting retail landscape, the chaos of trend evolution, retail complexity, and the cut-throat retail pace will impact even the soundest of operations, forcing them to continually refine their tactics and adapt. In the midst of this landscape Jason Palmer of New York's Petticoat Lane, a chain of women's designer apparel, is making sense of retail chaos on Amazon with the Retail Pro® retail management software and Amazon integration.


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Challenge: Efficient data management across channels

With four already highly competitive, prime locations and a web-store, Palmer wanted to take his operations to the next level and expand his multi-channel presence by selling on Amazon. But soon after going live, Palmer discovered that the complexity and manual data management required to actually sell his goods in that marketplace were severely limiting his capacity to profit.

Because his Amazon account was not integrated to his Retail Pro to leverage the benefits of synced inventory, Palmer was periodically selling out and because manually inputting inventory to Amazon consumes so much time, he could post only a few items from the full plethora to sell. "It takes about five minutes to upload a single product - to input the details, to upload the picture," he explained, "you can have 1 lingerie item with 20 SKUs and 3 colors, for example, and that's already 60 products that you'd have to post and track." Having disconnected data inhibited his ability to flourish on Amazon.

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Solution: Integrating Retail Pro and Amazon

Palmer, with his computer science background, knew he could be doing so much more if Amazon was connected to in-store inventory, so he contacted his Retail Pro Business Partner, J.D. Associates, to see what solutions were available. J.D. Associates connected him with 24Seven Commerce and Palmer moved forward with their integration to Retail Pro to help him streamline and scale his operations.

The 24Seven Channel integration to Retail Pro has empowered Palmer to increase his presence on Amazon and sell 10 times more compared to unintegrated selling on Amazon. "The more product I have, the more I sell, now I am able to manage over 2500 Amazon items" Palmer shared.

"It's not easy - with Amazon, pictures have to be a certain size and they have to have a perfect background; Amazon is difficult - but with the 24Seven Commerce integration between Retail Pro and Amazon, I can keep track of all the inventory I post and sell," Palmer said. "I just take inventory directly off my store shelves and send it to my customers all over the world." Palmer plans to expand his online selling. In 2016 he will leverage eBay and 24Seven's eBay integration, with the ultimate goal of converting online customers to shop in his brick-and-mortar locations. To date, Palmer has gained the following benefits from the Retail Pro and 24Seven Commerce solution:

  • Simplified inventory management between in-store and Amazon sales
  • Synced product availability between Amazon and in-store inventory
  • Automatically feed Amazon orders to Retail Pro
  • Increased revenue from Amazon
  • Increased shopper satisfaction among his Amazon customers
  • Improved Amazon rankings
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With the integration between Retail Pro and Amazon, Palmer is making sense of retail complexity to stop retail chaos and drive his multi-channel strategy forward. "You really can't do it without Retail Pro and 24Seven Commerce. There's no question - you have to have this digital backbone if you want to sell on Amazon or any other online marketplace."