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Comvita Trusts its Operations to Retail Pro®

“Comvita has chosen Retail Pro because it had everything you need for a good EPOS system along with an easy to change user interface, flexible reporting and quick and easy promotional tools”

- Rashda Ali, Commercial Manager for Europe

At 63, Claude Stratford, Comvita’s founder started making and selling a range of bee products from the basement in his home. His vision was to produce natural products that work, and acting in a way which preserves the environment for generations to come. Two years later, Alan Bougen, became Claude’s business partner. Pioneers ahead of their time, Claude and Alan set out to improve people’s health and wellbeing by using the power of nature.
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Growing with Retail Pro
Comvita’s origins are in the wholesale and distribution of natural health and skincare products. With their products a proven success, the decision was made to expand their business to retail outlets, starting with England. Comvita required an EPOS system that would be integral to its business and mutually beneficial to both its customers and employees. Upon opening their flagship store in London Comvita looked to Retail Pro to provide them with a system that would meet all of their requirements.
Flexibility is Key
Youths hanging out on a grassy hillside in the sun Main goal behind Comvita’s requirements for a retail software solution was to retain the organic responsiveness to the outside world in their business operations, just like they do in their products. To ensure that their business needs were met, Comvita needed an EPOS system to centralize their retail operations, while offering the flexibility to instantly respond to current business needs. They found Retail Pro interface exceptionally easy to configure, even without technical support, thus making adapting look and feel of the system very easy. Retail Pro reporting capability offered a lot of flexibility – a must in empowering staff at various levels in the company to make informed decisions which affect the day to day operations. Speed and flexibility were also essential when carrying out price changes and creating new promotions. The Retail Pro solution more than met this requirement. With staff and customer satisfaction at stake, Comvita chose Retail Pro for their operations, achieving flexibility in the way they do business and gaining a clear competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced retail landscape.
A Perfect Solution
Rashda Ali, Comvita’s Commercial Manager for Europe commented that the Retail Pro EPOS system was chosen because it ultimately had everything Comvita required, easy to change interface, flexible reporting and quick and easy promotional tools. Retail Pro is honored to have been chosen by a company that is known to pride itself on applying integrity and sustainable principles in everything they do. The Retail Pro system will continue to adapt to Comvita’s business needs, providing them with ultimate flexibility and offering, without doubt, the competitive advantage to make Comvita a continued success.

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