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At Ease

Fashion Store Aims To Please With Retail Pro

"Retail Pro's ability to evaluate trends and performance of every vendor has been an invaluable tool."

- Steve Knutson, President, AT EASE Clothing

A savvy retailer with over 50 years of experience, At-Ease Clothing delivers a strikingly well-rounded approach to men's fashion. Their selections range from fine designer suits to beachwear, balanced with on-site, same-day tailoring and personal shopping.
Newport Beach, CA
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Staying A Step Ahead Of The Curve
Upscale casual apparel store littered with tropical plants For the well-traveled, worldly man, At-Ease is an oasis of fashion and style. Its selections range from elegant tuxedos & classy businesswear, to casual apparel & beachwear, harmoniously blended together under one roof. Despite their impressive collection, At-Ease prides itself on creating an intimate setting that provides the attention and care the style-conscious man craves. Effortless in appearance, At-Ease's mastery of nuance comes from over 50 years of experience in men's fashion. The key to their success has been the ability to evaluate and identify trends and preferences of the market and their customer base, early and accurately.
Elegant Analytics & Trend Data
Man attending to upscale POS System At-Ease's target audience is as surprisingly broad as their range of offerings - which makes sense upon realizing that they have built a reputation for staying ahead of trends in various areas of men's fashion. “Even analyzing sizes between jeans and slacks, the best-selling sizes will be different and fine-tuning size trends are critical. The reports available show us what in our old inventory is working and what are 'cancers',so we can act accordingly”, states Steve Knutsen, President of At-Ease Clothing. "It really is a matter of willingness to experiment and trend up – Retail Pro makes that possible.”
Comfortable In Your Own Skin
Display of clean apparel on a circular wooden stand While many fashion retailers laud Retail Pro's robust inventory control features, agile retailers like At-Ease use Retail Pro's analytics suite to gain competitive advantage in their local markets. Emergent trends are often not blatant nor obvious, and require the ability to cull meaningful data quickly and accurately to gain new insights. Insightful business intelligence and powerful analytics are an important part of the Retail Pro advantage.


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