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Gaining Efficiency and Sales with Smarter Customer Engagement

"Adapting to ever-changing ‘new’ retail world, where customers’ engagement and online options continue to grow is a MUST. Retail Pro understands my retail"

- Lisa Gavin, Alapage Founder and Owner

Alapage Boutique is a contemporary, upscale women’s boutique located in the beautiful town of Bedford, New Hampshire. Alapage is known for its unique and updated assortment of clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts.
Bedford, New Hampshire
Retail Pro retail management platform and POS
AppCard personalized marketing and customer retention
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Alapage prides itself on dedicated customer service and care and works with many of New England’s trendiest women who appreciate a unique upscale boutique shopping experience. Among such women, adapting to ever-changing ‘new’ retail world, where customers’ engagement and online options continue to grow is a MUST.

Alapage logo with a monochrome radiant dizzy spiral

For years, Lisa and the team had managed their Denim and Birthday card records manually, which was immensely time consuming and subject to human error. And perhaps worst of all, it stole time from direct engagement with their shoppers.

Alapage needed a more efficient way to keep customers engaged and shopping with them.

4000 square foot Alapage store interior with polished hardwood floors
Happy Customers,
Even Happier Retailers

With a from recommendation their Retail Pro Business Partner, JD Associates, Alapage Founder and Owner, Lisa Gavin, saw the advantages of integrating AppCard for a loyalty solution that is centralized at their Retail Pro POS.

Retail Pro is a platform – a digital foundation that connects data from every point at which it’s generated – so transactional data from the POS or from your e-commerce is stored in a shopper’s purchase history in Retail Pro, and flows into the integrated AppCard platform to update your customer’s rewards.

Alapage cashiers can now enroll shoppers directly at the POS, can look up shoppers’ past purchases, and share a little spark of excitement over each new reward. The Alapage team no longer has to spend time on tracing their customers.

With 83% of all transactions going through the AppCard loyalty platform, Alapage had sales associated and customers really embracing the program from the onset. Feedback from managers on the sales floor showed that “customers buy more because they either have rewards or will get rewarded,” Lisa said. The proof is in the data: Alapage rewards program members buy on average 2.5 items per transactions while the nonmembers buy only 1.49 items.

Alapage owner, Lisa Gavin, middle-aged woman with blonde hair

In addition to increasing sales, Retail Pro customer data analyzed in AppCard gave Lisa actionable insight into trends she never saw before. “With integrated data visibility in Retail Pro and AppCard, I can address customer loyalty issues that we did not know we had before,” said Lisa. “Retail Pro and AppCard understand my retail.”


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