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Wildlife Trading Company

Running a multi-store operation on solid reporting

"We're very numbers driven - with Business Intelligence we'll be able to identify our trends and traffic patterns."

- John Callahan, Director of Store Systems, Wildlife Trading Company

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It's All About Numbers
Very well-lit glass cabinet display of high-end pens Wildlife Trading Company runs stores in zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums across the United States. Keeping track of data across all these different stores in different markets might seem like a big challenge, but Retail Pro® Business Intelligence makes collecting and analyzing company data easy and provides crucial information. Director of store systems, John Callahan, knows accurate and digestible reporting is imperative to the success of Wildlife Trading Company, so he harnessed the reporting functionality of Retail Pro® Business Intelligence.

"We're building the reports that our planning team and operations need." Callahan said about getting Business Intelligence implemented. "My ultimate goal is that the reports will end up on people's desks and those reports will help shape our business decisions." And there are a lot of crucial business decisions to make. Wildlife Trading Company currently has 18 stores and looks to grow in the near future. With more stores, more data will need to be collected and analyzed; that's why Business Intelligence is so important to Wildlife Trading Company's long term goals.
Readable, Usable, Beautiful Data
William Penn store viewed from outside at an angle For Wildlife Trading Company the value of Business Intelligence lies in the ability to quickly act on relevant, accurate data. Making decisions by looking at key performance indicators within a business encourages growth and profitability. Retail Pro Business Intelligence enables just that by delivering tailored pro-active notifications to all levels of decision makers within the company.

"I like the fact that I can just pull the factors I want to look at and customize the report to how I want to see it," Callahan said. Whether the team needs to look up the five best-selling items across all 18 shops or view profits by region, the Wildlife Trading Company staff need only drag and drop the desired fields and run the report or create trend notifications. Within moments leadership has detailed reports with interactive filtering and drill-downs; everything they need to make informed profitable decisions. Not only is the interface intuitive and user-friendly, Retail Pro Business intelligence is accessible from any browser. Easy access to this kind of data and the ability to set goals and priorities based on solid figures is helping Wildlife Trading Company expand and grow.

"The most important thing is that I can automate and send it out to my key partners," Callahan said. Running a multi-store operation on solid reporting; now that's intelligent business.


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